2018 National “Sugar Bounty” Program

Sugarbeet growers across North America combine their cultural practices and beet seed genetics in order to achieve the highest sugar per ton and per acre. ACH Seeds would like to acknowledge those growers who have achieved the highest sugar on both regional and national levels. In 2017, ACH Seeds launched a National “Sugar Bounty™” Program, recognizing growers for producing high sugar results with Crystal Sugarbeet varieties. Producers who utilized Crystal Beet Seed varieties in their 2018 production are encouraged to share their high sugar results, and to be recognized as a “Sugar Bounty” grower and become eligible to be acknowledged as the national “Sugar Bounty” producer.

The National Sugar Bounty Program recognizes growers having the highest combination of sugar per ton and sugar per acre within each market and region where ACH Seeds markets and distributes sugarbeet seed. To learn more about and enroll your field in the Sugar Bounty Program, contact your local ACH Seeds regional manager or your independent sales agent by Dec. 31, 2018.

Official rules are available here.