Congratulations Delco High School FFA!

The 2023 Homegrown Giving award winner for the TASCO region

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With the donation, Declo High School plans to improve its current plant science education area and provide students with hands-on learning opportunities. It will help cover expenses for costly tools and other supplies needed in the school’s greenhouse and welding classes, allowing the school to support class offerings for students. Declo High School also plans to add more labs into their courses to help students learn about the science behind agriculture.

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Declo High School FFA Quotes

“This award makes us really excited because it allows us to develop our ag program even further. We are limited in hands-on activities, and this will help us provide more opportunities for students in the classroom. I’m grateful there are programs like Homegrown Giving that support organizations trying to make a difference in their hometowns. We look forward to improving agriculture education tools and curriculum for our students to help them better understand the importance of agriculture in our community and the world.” – Jessica Marchant, Declo High School Ag Education Teacher

“There are many ways that ag education positively impacts local communities. It changes the way youth perceive agriculture and provides them with the knowledge and talent to support their local communities when they return home. This is what Homegrown Giving is all about.” – Burke Garner, ACH Seeds Western Region Manager

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